Long Live the
Good Life.

Active Adult Residences Rooted in WellCare

Viva Bene

(vee-vuh beh-nay) – Italian

This Italian phrase is the mantra for those who believe that what matters most is living the good life surrounded by those you love.

Viva Bene is a collection of active adult rental communities, providing aging adults with a proactive approach to their health and wellness. This revolutionary living environment affords Viva Bene residents the opportunity to Live the Good Life within the comforts of their home.

Integrated Wellness

Our mission is to provide a living environment and resources allowing older adults to take a proactive approach to their health, while seamlessly integrating a daily living platform for technology, nutrition, programming and social activities.

How Viva Bene Promotes Affordable Living

Our active communities combine the importance of a social living setting with health and wellness programming, education, and access to partners and technology for preventative care services.

Value-Based Care Principles

Our unique combination of wellness integration, technology and healthcare provider partnerships are designed to improve resident health outcomes.

Who We Are

Viva Bene’s mission is to improve health outcomes and reduce costs by combining preventative healthcare services, chronic condition education and social engagement. This is WellCare.


Senior Healthcare Experts

Avenue is a trusted partner to healthcare and senior living providers nationwide. Our diverse healthcare development background paired with extensive industry experience guides us in proving innovative solutions for wellness-centered healthcare, senior living properties, healthcare and medical real estate development.

Partner with Viva Bene

The Viva Bene model is rooted in accessible and tech-driven healthcare access. Collaborations with value-based healthcare partners further the benefits to residents and our partners through a multi-phased approach designed to improve health outcomes.

Resident Connections

Efficiently market services within the community and create stronger regional presence

Focus on Health Outcomes

Integration of provider and Viva Bene programming designed to educate residents on alternatives to hospital admissions

Clinic Integration

On-site clinic integrated within the community or mobile and virtual models designed to connect with residents easily at reduced provider operating costs

How to Partner with Viva Bene